Kang Yuan Oriental Replenishing Energy Capsules

(Improving Physical Constitution + Away from Chemical Harm)

Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

“Kang Yuan”is made on the basis of the medical and philosophical thoughts of the Chinese traditional medicine classic book The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, which says “The superior doctor prevents illness.”, emphasizing the importance of health preservation and longevity.

With the research and practical experience of modern medical and nutritional science, Kang Yuan adjusts the organs of the whole body comprehensively, so that the whole body becomes balanced. It enhances body vitality and physical fitness. 

There are many fundamental differences between Chinese traditional medicine and modern medicine (western medicine) in the philosophy of life sciences, health care, disease treatment and prevention. And each has its own advantages. 

Traditional Chinese medicine looks at the essence of life and the maintenance of health from the macro-thinking of“The Unity of Nature and Human”; on the other hand, western medicine focuses on functional maintenance and treatment of damage to individual human organs. Chinese traditional medicine pays more attention to “The Wholeness” of a person: the unobstructed and balanced operation of qi(the vital energy within human body) and blood, including body and mind emotions, the cycle of seven emotions and six desires (emotions), and the power of fertility.

The superior doctor prevents illness

“Kang Yuan”is a wonderful product that adopts both the theories of Chinese medicine and Western medicine. It helps to maintain health, prolong life, balance and maintain the body energy, enhance physical strength or vitality. Its functions surpass those of the top multivitamins.

Based on The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, “The superior doctor prevents illness” or“Prevention before illness”, which shows health must be “preemptively prepared.” Combining the science of modern medicine, nutrition, plant medicine, preventive medicine and other disciplines,“Kang Yuan”is for the maintenance of the person’s health as a whole. 

As the core, it promotes the balance and coordination of human body, aiming at people’s daily health maintenance. At the same time, it also promotes mental, physical and emotional peace and stability. People can have clearer minds, stronger physical fitness, and more determined and healthy minds.



Sunflower Oil, Tea Oil, Cordyceps Sinensis Hyphae, Curcuma longa, Acanthopanax Senticosus, B-carotene, 

Kang Yuan Oriental Replenishing Energy Capsules can:

  1. Adjust physical constitution.
  2. Increase stamina
  3. Improve the metabolism
  4. Supplement nutrition
  5. Regulate physiological fuction 


Taking 2 capsules in the morning

Feeling Refreshing and Relaxing Every Day

Suggested Usage: Adults: take 2~3 capsules daily in the morning

Children: take 1~2 capsules daily

Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

Suitable for“Kang Yuan”:

  • people pursuing strong sports energy, physical fitness, sports performance
  • leaders, supervisors and students who overuse their brain and who feel burned out
  • tobacco and alcohol consumers
  • office workers who stay up late with high working pressure
  • people who want to promote their vitality and harmony for sexual life
  • people who want to fight against aging
  • housewives who would be harmed by chemical detergents or pesticide residues
  • long-term chemical drug users with chronic diseases
  • restaurant-goers or fast food junkies

Declaration on the Fusion of Chinese and Western Medicine for Health and Longevity

New Ideas for Modern Health

TCM Health Preservation + Protection of

Whole Body 

.Advocating Return to Nature

.Improving Physical Constitution, Keeping Emotional Balance, Staying Healthy and Strong

.Strengthen Physical Fitness, Promoting Sports Endurance, 

Boosting Sports Explosive Force

.Sexual Harmony of Women and Men